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Sunday, November 12, 2017

Holly Springs Newsletter (November 2017)

More on the 39

We graduated ya Abu el Yamen
At Papa's office to tell him, but he had visitors, was talking about sending me to the Golf region
They left, Papa...I am number 10...Can you send me? Yes, no hesitation
Luck...the English in England...the travel agent
Talking to Papa about it at his office
Papa and George H at the airport
Crying on the plane
Arriving to London
The trip to Bournemouth
Giving the taxi driver a cigarette lighter which he told about latter to Mrs. Etkins
Arriving at Mrs. Etkins
Mrs. Etkins was at her neighbors
Hello and handshake with Mrs. Etkins
Flushing the toilet on Saturday morning
Mr. Etkins was less than happy
King School of English
Money is expensive
It for the animals and he/she for human beings...He was an artist from Qatar...
He smoked in the corridor and spit on the floor...very bad
Shou Lounack...I thought your were a Latino
Thank you very much Mrs. Etkins
The forks and the knife are straight on my plate
Dinner time
Tea Time
May I watch TV
John from Mexico
Walking to school
Riding the red double-decker in Bournemouth
Sweating and getting lost in the city
We stand straight in England, young man...but I was really tired, I was lost
The First the hotel
The birthday girl at the hotel
The man who loved to eat at the hotel...he used the bathroom often
The two lazy dogs, buzzy bundles
He smoked pipe...she the hotel...they were the owners
After Christmas...In January
Brother P arrived
Eating fried chicken outside the store with brother P
It was a simple life
We chatted a lot about everything
An English teacher from Iraq liked me and brother P
Met Monica...The kiss
More kisses
Love...first love
Switzerland...Post-office...Monica worked at the post-office
Monica's friend, Evelyne
And their Swiss friend...he was bald
Application rejected
The visit to a classmate with my brother to a former college classmate...We stayed too long
The dinner at a Middle-Eastern place with my brother after the rejection
Crossing the Highway...on foot...not very smart...a car almost hit me....
Papa to the rescue with George H. help
This time, it was yes...
Rented an apartment for mom next to Mrs. Etkins...It was through Mrs. Etkins
Mom and brother K arrived to Bournemouth
The fuse of the power got was dark
Mom at the window looking at people and wondering how bad they were
Moving to another rented apartment
The TV worked on coins
Mom and little brother K arrived for a visit to Bournemouth before my departure
Mom bought gifts in a hurry
Brother K could not find the superman suite to buy
On the bus with mom...Seeing Monica after a few days...Have not seen her since Mom arrived
Monica left home
The arrival to Logan
Offering him a cigarette lighter
Arriving at a hotel...Fortnight deal or is it four night?
Just doing nothing...sitting in the lobby
The contact with Joe by phone...Dial A first before the number
Sir, this is room ,,,,
Moving to TH's friend apartment
Remove the is hot
Looking at the catalogue of college courses and plan them...No, this not how it worked
Moving to the studio
A lot of heavy perfumes
Being silly
Hated the first school...the Aliens were there with their twisted fingers
Relocated to another school
But you were not attending today?
Do you date? May be we can go out together?
The First Big Mac from McDonald's...Two hamburger between two pieces of bread
It was just waste of time there...did not take it seriously
The meeting on the bus...They want people to apply...and he left rudely rejected...went somewhere else...
I forgot something
Mr. White, excuse me
Ebla story in Mr. White class
Brother P and I in a studio...Moved to two-bedroom apartment
Dealing and visiting cousins H
It was much simple time...Kind of artificial time
Family first visit...Papa cried
Family repeated summer visits
Sister C and brother K moved in
Brother P got married at the Just of Peace
Brother P remarried to his wife again in Church...Papa wanted it this way
The bishops and priests...Papa's buddies
Mloukieh and the priest and mom
Buying clothe...waiting at the department stores...It was good time
Buying the unit...buying another unit....buying a third unit....buying a fourth unit in Weymouth
Getting married...The false alarm at the wedding
Moving to Hide park
Moving to Weymouth
Moving to NC...
The kids....
Did I really leave? The dream continues...Don't wake me up!


Saturday, November 11, 2017

What is going on in the Middle-East?

The Prime Minister of Lebanon suddenly resigned his post and went to Saudi Arabia. He has duel citizenship, a Saudi and a Lebanese ones. Saudi Arabia is demanding "The Party of God" in Lebanon to give up all its weaponry and transform into a political party. Both Israel and Saudi Arabia agree on this point. Iran is the primary supporter of the Lebanese Party of God. Saudi Arabia and Iran are harsh enemies. Bahrain is accusing Iran of terrorizing its territory by setting fires in its oil pipes. Yemen has fired a long-range missile toward Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia. It was claimed by the Saudis that the missile fired by Yemen was made in Iran. It is a mess.   

Today was number 39

Yes, indeed. It was 11/11/1978. A great day indeed. It is number 39. That was a unique day. Another one of a similar importance is 05/06/1979. Happy Anniversary!

Saturday, November 4, 2017

November 4th, 2017: I lost all power of my car

I own a 2014 Ford Fiesta. It has over 90 K miles on it. As of yesterday, November 3rd, my car was functioning normally, except for a patch sent by Sirius Radio that froze my main panel and my radio. It happened to me before, and the dealer in my town fixed it for me. This time, the dealer told me to disconnect the cable from the battery and reconnect it again. When I got home yesterday from work, I opened the hood of my car in order to do that, but got busy doing other things in the house and ended up not touching the battery at all. Anyhow, my wife asked me this afternoon to get pizza for dinner. I tried to unlock the doors with my clickers, but no response. I thought it was the batteries in the clicker worn off. I opened the door with my key and began to start the engine. Nothing happened, not even a sound. Amazing! If you had similar experience, write a comment on this blog post.

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Syrian Arab Republic (Scott Catalogue: 227/A248/A369) [A Video]

Quick News: The President of Kurdistan Speaks

Kurdistan (Iraq): The President of Kurdistan, who has resigned from his post 2 days before the end of his term, spoke today about the reason he resigned. He stated that he could not convince the central government in Iraq to cooperate with his region, Kurdistan. He also mentioned that in the liberated Kirkuk, there was treason in excluding the Kurds from obtaining the power over the city. Simply said, he is a very unhappy man and feels betrayed.

Syrian Arab Republic's Stamps (Post # 5)

Various fish (Scott Catalogue A227 # 815-819; July 1978; $0.75 "2003 appraisal").

Syrian Arab Republic's Stamps (Post # 4)

Damascus International Flower Show (Scott Catalogue A248 # 870-875; January 9, 1980; $1.20 "2003 appraisal").

Quick News: Kurdistan

Kurdistan (Iraq): The Congress of Kurdistan has passed a bill (70 vs. 23) to distribute the power of the President of Kurdistan to the various governmental ministries according to the Constitution of the nation. Demonstrators are protesting this bill and have invaded the building where the Congress in Kurdistan was meeting.

Quick News: Demonstrators in Kurdistan

Kurdistan (Iraq): Happening now: Demonstrators in Kurdistan are trying to take over the Kurdish Congress building. The President of Kurdistan has resigned his post just two days from the end of his term.

Syrian Arab Republic's Stamps (Post # 3)

14th International Flower Show, Damascus, Syria (Scott Catalogue A369 # 1087a-1087e; October 11, 1986; $3.30 "2003 appraisal").

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